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Why we use Neder Banaan peels

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

If you have been tagging along for a while, you probably noticed that we use specific banana peels for our products. In this blog we explain why we specifically use the peels of the Neder Banaan.

To start things off, we only use organic banana peels. Why? Because the banana industry uses large amounts of pesticides to prevent the banana plants from infection by the Panama disease. In short, the Panama disease threatens the existence of the Musa Cavendish species, the one which is most frequently produced for export. Although the chemical pesticides protect the plants against the Panama disease, they can be quite harmful for the plants, the soil, and the people working on banana farms. In addition, a portion of the pesticides remains on the skin. We don’t want to use pesticide-treated banana peels as it is unknown whether this is dangerous for human health. Therefore, we have decided to only use untreated banana peels for the time being.

On another note, we value the use of local products. When we came across the Neder Groep producing the Neder Banaan, we knew right away this would be a match! The Neder Banaan is produced in Ede, the Netherlands, meaning these are the only Dutch bananas. The banana plants grow in a greenhouse in pots filled with coconut fibre substrate instead of in normal soil. Together with Wageningen University, the Neder Groep is exploring whether this makes the banana resistant against the Panama disease. In addition, no chemical pesticides are used in the process. Therefore, we have chosen to use the peels of the Neder Banaan for our first batch. For those of you who wonder what’s taking us so long, the first harvest of the Neder Banaan is taking somewhat longer as the bananas are growing slowly. Nonetheless, we expect to produce the first batch of Pulled Peel from Neder Banaan peels by the end of 2021.

However, as you are probably aware, bananas normally don’t grow in the cold climate of the Netherlands. While we will start off using Neder Banaan peels, we are exploring options to expand the streams of banana peels we can use in the future. This way we will be able to reduce the waste of all those perfectly edible banana peels.

So now you know why we use Neder Banaan peels! Stay tuned for updates on the first batch and for more interesting blogs.

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