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Tons of banana peel waste

Updated: May 6, 2021

Did you know that bananas are the second most produced fruit? The first place goes to watermelons, but bananas make up 16% of fruit production. India is the largest producer of bananas and accounts for 27% of the total banana production, although most of the bananas we eat in the Netherlands originate from South America. All these bananas come with tons of banana peels, which are often thrown away as they make up 18-40% of the total weight of the banana. The food industry generates around 3.5 million tons of banana peel waste per year. This is a big problem, because a lot of this waste is either burned or dispersed in planting areas. Similarly, in Costa Rica these peels are disposed of in rivers, which reduces the population of aquatic animals, causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. This negatively impacts the environment and global warming. Our product Pulled Peel is a solution to this waste problem. Instead of burning peels, it is delicious to eat them!

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