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Swap your pulled pork for our plant-based Pulled Peel

Updated: May 6, 2021

The UN estimates the world population to reach 9.7 billion in 2050. Right now, we are at around 7.7 billion, which would lead to a 2 billion increase in only 30 years!

With a growing population comes a growing demand for food, including animal products. In his Netflix documentary A Life On Our Planet, sir David Attenborough shows the impact of this on the planet and its wildlife. A major part of the land on earth is used for farming animals or growing food for these animals. However, did you know that feeding animals 100 calories from crops only results in 30 calories worth of meat or milk? Using the same land to grow crops for human consumption is more efficient calorie-wise, and more sustainable.

By cutting out meat and dairy from your diet, you reduce your carbon footprint by almost 75%. Therefore, swap your pulled pork or chicken for our plant-based Pulled Peel. If you want extra credit, enjoy your Pulled Peel with some vegan mayonnaise, or mix together coconut yogurt, diced cucumber (remove seeds first), lemon juice, and dill to create a home-made tzatziki sauce. Enjoy!





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