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Food waste: how you can reduce it

In the Netherlands, we throw away 34 kilograms of food per person per year. On top of this comes 15 kilograms of unavoidable waste (fruit peels, vegetable scraps, etc.).This leads to 2 billion kilograms of Dutch food waste. Worldwide, this number rises to 1.3 trillion kilograms. This is sad, as lots of food can be saved by making just a few small changes.

  1. Do not throw away leftovers, but store them in a container in your fridge or freezer. Makes a perfect lunch for the day after.

  2. Buy ‘’buitenbeentjes’’: fruits or vegetables which may have an odd shape compared to the ‘’perfect’’-looking fruits or vegetables in the store. These taste just as good as the others. You can also look for products which are close to the ‘’best before’’-date, these are also often cheaper. No need to let them go to waste!

  3. Do not focus too much on ‘’best before’’-dates. Use your senses, look at appearance, taste, and smell to tell if a food is still okay to eat.

  4. Save vegetable scraps and turn them into vegetable stock. This is an easy way to make a delicious soup.

  5. Create a compost for your garden. You can put vegetable peels and coffee grind in it. Additionally you can make your own plant fertilizer from banana peels. Your plants will thank you!

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