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Bananas are good for your garden too

Updated: May 6, 2021

Not only do banana peels taste great in our Pulled Peel and can they be used on your own skin, but did you know they are also great fertilisers for your plants? Banana peels contain large amounts of potassium, making them one of the highest organic potassium sources. Furthermore, they contain calcium, manganese, and sodium. These compounds all have vital functions in almost all metabolic and chemical processes that occur during the life of a plant, such as growth and photosynthesis. In addition, banana peels do not contain any nitrogen. Plants like tomatoes and peppers do not thrive on too much nitrogen, which makes banana peels an excellent choice as fertilizer for these.

It is also easy to make! All you need is a jar (1L) and one or more banana peels.

  1. Take your jar and add the banana peel to it

  2. Fill the jar with water and seal it

  3. Wait for 1-2 weeks. Then open the jar and remove the banana peel*

  4. Pour the fertiliser on your plants once a week and watch them grow!

*Optional: you can choose to dilute the fertilizer with water in a ratio 1:4 (1 part fertilizer with 4 parts water).

**You can double this recipe and use multiple or bigger jars if you want to make a bigger batch.

Besides using the banana peel as fertilizer there are also other ways for you to use banana peel in your garden. Another option is to use the diluted fertilizer to repel pests such as aphids. In addition, you can use the whole peel and put it in the garden to enrich the soil. Furthermore, to let the leaves of your plants shine you can rub rub the peel over them. Of course, you can also just throw them in your compost bin.

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