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Banana Business partners with Dutch Food Week

Today marks the start of the Dutch Food Week. This week is all about how we eat in the Netherlands and how our food is produced. Key themes are health, sustainability and living well.

Sustainability is about being able to produce enough food for people now without compromising people in the future. This requires a critical look at resources such as land, water and soil, and how these are used and distributed.

Healthy eating can be difficult. There are so many views and studies that it may be hard to see the forest through the trees. However, researchers reached consensus over a couple of things. It is important to eat enough fruits and vegetables, fibre from whole wheat cereals, and plant-based protein. Furthermore, variation is key, so ‘’eat the rainbow’’ and put many different colours on your plate.

Living well is about improving the environment around us. It is not just about what we eat and how this is produced, but also about the land and nature around us.

Banana Business considers each of these themes important:

  • With our mission to reduce food waste, we aim for greater sustainability. When food is wasted, resources are used inefficiently. In addition, we have developed a vegan product that can be eaten instead of meat, all from a sustainable point of view.

  • We all want a healthy and varied eating pattern, but how can we achieve that? By regularly eating Pulled Peel instead of meat(substitutes), you gain lots of fibre and minerals.

  • Although banana trees do not naturally grow in the Netherlands, their existence is threatened worldwide by the Panama disease. Through our collaboration with Nederbanaan, we hope that a solution will be found for this threat to the banana.

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