The Banana Business consists of Simone, Minke, Joëlle, Marit, and Daphne. Our vision is to reduce food waste. During our Master Health Food Innovation Management at Maastricht University, we developed a product made from banana peels. Our backgrounds in psychology, food technology, nutrition, and health make us a diverse and creative team.


Hi! My name is Marit. I’m a Health Food Innovator who considers healthy food, food technology and innovation as her destiny. In my perspective, it is important for economical, sustainability and health reasons to increase the intake of plant based alternatives. I joined the Banana Business team because, I love to work in projects which aim to create plant-based innovative products. I feel it’s our responsibility to change the world into a more healthier and sustainable place. By using all the components of the banana, we’re taking one step in the right sustainable direction.

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I am Joëlle and I joined the Banana Business because I am interested in finding more sustainable ways to eat. Finding plant-based alternatives for animal products has a positive impact on our planet and our health. Creating tasty products using ingredients which are normally wasted contributes to a more circular economy. Therefore, less waste, better taste!


Hi! My name is Minke and I’m a true food lover. I’ve seen all cooking shows on television and Netflix and am now studying what I love the most: food. Combined with my psychological background I like to advise people and discuss food trends with them. I am passionate about making and sharing delicious foods, am eager to try new things, and I want to make people aware of what a healthy diet can look like. By doing this, I hope to inspire people and eventually contribute to a healthier and conscious world. The Banana Business perfectly fits these interests by using a food waste product. Health has never tasted better!

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Hi all! My name is Daphne and I started working on this project because I’m really interested in reducing waste! The world already has enough waste, and what better way to start then with reducing the waste of banana peels? I hope that with this business we can inspire people to take care of their world again and stimulate creativity with products which otherwise would be thrown away. Therefore, our first product Pulled peel is a great start!


My name is Simone and I am always looking for new ways to cook in a delicious but healthy way. With a background in both food and psychology, my mind is always questioning how to demonstrate and convince others how to cook and eat well. In my opinion, everyone can benefit from trying new things, especially those products that might surprise you at first sight. Recently I have taken up interest in finding ways to incorporate food components that I used to throw away into products that benefit both you and our environment. That’s why I have joined the Banana Business!